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It might be possible that the genesis of this phenomenon is partially related to the traditional background of the victims under study. According to their testimonies, the posttraumatic period was characterized by reduced subjective confidence, feelings of worthlessness, and disgrace they thought they had brought to their families. This finding suggests an association Fuc, prolonged exposure to stress and conception, but the mechanisms of this interaction are still unclear and require further investigation. Most women said that the unwanted pregnancy made their mental recovery more difficult. Porno casera gratis Fuck pussy in bosnia and herzegovina dysfunctions include hypoactive sexual desire, sexual arousal bosnua, orgasmic disorder, and postcoital dysphoria Fuck pussy in bosnia and herzegovina In our study, it was not possible to Fuck pussy in bosnia and herzegovina the type of sexual dysfunction on the basis of information bpsnia via clinical interview.

We showed that single women or those in qnd but not married had more difficulties in posttraumatic period due to more prominent sexual dysfunctions. This result is consistent with previous findings showing that these symptoms persisted for years after the assault It also suggests that marriage itself provides a certain level of protection and support. Also, we found that more Bosniak Muslim than Croat women thought the relationship with their partner worsened after the trauma. This could be explained by the fact that Bosniak women come from a more traditional culture.

In societies with patriarchal social structure, victims refuse to talk about the trauma and do not want the event to be documented even in medical files. Victims often refuse any kind of psychiatric treatment and professional help 25 The testimony method was used in almost all participants. While giving the testimony, the victim has a chance to perceive the trauma from another perspective. After that, the victims are much more inclined to accept psychiatric help. Gradually, they become ready to talk openly about the event, allow the therapist to have an insight into their condition, and go through a diagnostic procedure.

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